The Cloud Sleep Difference

The Cloud Sleep Difference

We've analyzed centuries of research and experiments in creating the ultimate sleep products to ensure you get a superior snooze, guaranteed. 

Why Mulberry Silk?

Mulberry Silk is the highest quality silk available for purchase, plain and simple.  It's made from silkworms which feed off of leaves from the Mulberry tree, which produces the most luxurious and durable silk in the world.  It is all natural, odorless, and hypoallergenic, making it the ideal fabric for close skin contact.  Not to mention, it's likely the most comfortable material you've ever felt.  That's why Cloud Sleep silk products are made of 100% pure, Mulberry Silk.  

What is a "momme" anyways?

No, it's not the beautiful woman who birthed you into this world!

Whereas you might be used to hearing about "thread count" as a means of identifying a high quality set of cotton bedsheets, momme weight is used to measure silk.  

Momme (pronounced "moe mie") expresses the weight (in pounds) of a piece of material sized 45 inches by 100 yards.  So if a silk is described as 22 momme, that means that 100 yards of the silk fabric weighs 22 pounds.  After thousands of nights of sleep testing various mommes, we've determined that the best combination of durability, softness, and comfort was 22 momme!

What are the benefits?

Glad you asked!  There are so many reasons that you'll get a superior snooze with your Cloud Sleep silk products:

  • Say Goodbye to Bedhead!
    • A natural property and large benefit of using 100% pure mulberry silk is that it greatly reduces friction of the hair during your sleep.  Friction is a huge contributor to split ends and damage to the hair - otherwise known as "Bedhead".  Let your head rest on a soft and hair-friendly Cloud Sleep pillowcase, and you can wake up without having to worry about your hair looking frazzled!
  • Anti-Aging
    • Prevent and reduce sleep lines, creases, and wrinkles!  There is a reason why Cloud Sleep chose the highest quality pure mulberry silk for our pillowcases. Traditional cotton pillowcases are notorious for absorbing moisture throughout the night.  In fact, chemists refer to substances like cotton as a hydrophilic, which means that it attracts water molecules, and is known to absorb up to 25 times its weight in water.  Our Cloud Sleep 100% pure mulberry silk on the other hand is designed to help your face and skin retain more moisture throughout the night.
  • Hypoallergenic!
    • Natural resistance to dust mites, mold, fungus, and many other allergens
  • Comfortable Sleep = Better Sleep 
    • Let's face it, we spend a third of our lives sleeping.  Shouldn't that time be the most comfortable, relaxing, and revitalizing period of time of your day? Our 100% pure mulberry silk sleep products are sure to lead you to a more comfortable and superior snooze.